Just Pregnant? Free Workshop

Just Pregnant? Free Workshop

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Understand your birthing options in Hong Kong and learn about our support.

What does this workshop cover?
Newly pregnant and unsure what your next steps are? Or having your first Hong Kong born child? Our free weekly workshop helps you understand the birthing options in Hong Kong, lays out the pros and cons of both the public and private systems and explains how best to plan and prepare for either choice. This is the ideal first step for new parents-to-be.

90-minute sessions available every week.

  • Learn from us and our experience of following thousands of couples through both the public and private maternity system, with a Q&A session.

Other information
If the time and dates don't work out for you, don't hesitate to ask for a private free session with us. Our Practice Manager is always happy to arrange a time to sit down for a personalised chat with you. Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend.